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Feel Good Knees Review
Feel Good Knees Review – Can It Cure Your Knees Pain?
Is your knee giving you sleepless nights? Sometimes knee pain can be the worst nightmare to go through.

Whether it is inflammation, cartilage deterioration, or postural misalignment, getting the right treatment to the problem is crucial to avoid further problems.

You must be here because you need to get an honest Feel Good Knees review. In this post, we are going to talk about this program, the author, and what you can get from it.

What is the Feel Good Knees program?

Product Name

Product Author

Todd Kuslikis



Money Back

60 days
“The Feel good knees” training was created to help men and women over the age of 45 relieve their knees from pain and discomfort.

Aside from the knees, this program was also created to help those with pain on their feet, calves, and legs.

This program is friendly even for those who have some slight injuries on their legs. However, if you have any underlying problem, you need to seek professional advice from your doctor first.

The point is that your body can heal naturally. Besides the workouts in this program, the author also concentrates on helping you live a healthy lifestyle by having the right diet.

The isometric workout programs are there to help your legs become stronger. This program incorporates excellent routines put by well-known physical fitness trainers and physical therapists.

With this program, you don’t need to overuse your pension using costly medicines to treat your painful knee. You can achieve that using simple natural remedies.

About the creator of Feel Good knees program

Todd Kuslikis started the Feel Good Knees Program. Kuslikis is an author, coach, and fitness expert in various fields like injury prevention, rehabilitation, and bodyweight training, among others.

With his love for healthy living, he opened his calisthenics website. This is a well-known site where he trains on matters dealing with body weight.

With time, Kuliskis developed a strong passion for natural healing processes in the human body. He, therefore, pursued both Western Medicine and Traditional medicine studies at Western Michigan University.

With this knowledge, he got a total approach to healing methods. Kuliskis also gained experience in the natural healing capability of the human body at the Blue Heron Academy of Healing Arts and Sciences. With this knowledge, he became an instructor.

Pros and cons of the Feel Good Program

Here is a list of the upsides and downsides of the Program:

You don’t need to use any equipment in this program

This program use exercises (listed below) which don’t require any special equipment. All you need for this program is a workspace.

Money-back guarantee

If for some reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can get back your money within 60 days.

Uses natural remedies and no need to use drugs

You can be sure that you won’t put anything bad in your body.

Easy to follow

Everything in this program is well explained by professionals.

Uses researched methods to ease knee pain

The program is backed up by researches.


The whole program costs just 27$. You also might be lucky and get a 5$ discount as I did.

It’s only available in digital format

Unfortenley, you can’t get a physical copy of this program.
Fell Good Knees Review

Today, you can have the Feel Good Knees System plus the two FREE bonus gifts for only one payment of:



What is included in the Feel Good Knees Training?

This program is delivered online through Video tutorials and a PDF with manuals that you are supposed to read. Below is all you can get:


Kuliskis gives an overview of the program and the method.

Main section

This course has the following components in the central part.

Feel Good knee guide

In this section, the author has created a PDF manual where he has included all the workouts accompanied by their photos.

Pain reduction Log

In this stage, you will need to record any changes and have a reminder you can see regarding how you are progressing.

Video Library

Besides the PDF, Kuliskis has also created videos to make you understand this program better.

In his tutorials, he points out how to do the workouts in the right way. He has also added follow up videos for all the three phases.

Some bonuses come with the Feel good training program. For example, you will get 1-minute rejuvenation finishers. This is a short add-on workout finisher that you need to perform after the 5-minute sequence.

With this bonus, you get to recover faster. The second bonus is the postural alignment guide.

 In this guide, you will get to learn some six common postural mistakes you need to avoid and how to spot and correct them.

Isometrics Workouts of the Feel Good Knees program

Kulisckis organized two-week phases which lasted for six weeks. This program lasts for six weeks, in which the first two weeks have mild workouts.

The focus of these workouts is to reduce inflammation and pain. This helps your knees change to a more intense exercise in the program.

What happens in the Isometric Workouts?

The following are some common phrases in the Isomeric workouts.

Knee pain Eliminator phase

This combination of workouts incorporates several yoga exercises that coax your knees gently to remove them from the cycle of being inactive. Remember, inflammation and pains are issues that develop with time.

Those having discomfort issues might opt to stop movements which is a great mistake. In this phase, Kuliskis has designed exercises that will make the tendons and knee muscles strong.

This is a gentle manner of introducing them to a new stimulus without causing self-induced inflammation.

With this program, you can go through the videos and the manual to get details about how you can correctly implement the workouts. The following are some of these yoga-like poses.

Reach the Sky Pose

In this pose, you are required to separate your hands, followed by raising and stretching of your arms upward then backward. You should as well bend your torso and head a bit backward.

Standing pigeon

The moment you stand, you should move your weight against one leg, followed by lifting the opposite foot, and then lean it against the inner area of your standing thigh.

Seated pillow Squeezers

In this one, you need to position your feet flat on the floor while sitting on a chair. You can then squeeze your pillow between your thighs.

Knee Rejuvenation Phase

This phase comes two weeks later and involves a more solid protocol to make your knees stronger. By this time, you shouldn’t be having issues of pain and inflammation.

You can, therefore, engage in more challenging workouts as described below.

Seated leg raises

You need to lift your lower leg up and down while sitting down on your chair. This should be a repetitive process as you alternate both the right and left leg.

 Seated leg raises aids in restoring the mobility of your knee joint without the pressure of your body weight.

Seated towel presses

In seated towel presses, try to lie down on your back on the floor as you place a rolled-up towel below your knee. Straighten your knee slowly as you lift your foot.

Laying pillow squeezers

It would be great if you do a more challenging workout of the seated pillow squeezers. It’s like the seated pillow squeezers workout, but in this one, you do it as you lay down.

Knee renewal stage

The knee renewal stage is the final 2-weeks of the program. In this stage, the aim is at restoring the full functionality of your knees. This means that the workouts are quite harder than those of the previous phases.

 Remember, this phase is where your body weight is added to stimulate them adequately. The following are some workouts you need to do:

Reverse lunges

With this workout, you need to reach with your foot backward then push back to a standing position again with your foot. There is a small variation between the reverse lunges and traditional lunges.

 Reverse lunges tend to have a softer variation. This is because they put a little stress on the ligaments of your knees while it remains challenging.

Wall sit

In this workout, you need to squat down halfway to make your thighs parallel to the floor. Your back must be against the wall to get support then stay in that position.

Wall sit towel squeeze

 This is a more advanced variation of the wall sit workout.  It aims to challenge your ligaments in the horizontal and vertical positions at the same time.

Is this program practical?

The Feel Good Knees program is practical because you can do it anytime from any place even when you are on vacation.

Besides healing your knee pain and other symptoms, it helps your body improve itself naturally. The best thing is that it enables you to get back your correct postural alignment.

It can reverse cartilage deterioration which is the leading cause of pain on your knees.

With the Feel Good knee program, your body is connected to the natural tendency of healing itself. This saves you from using non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Who is this program suitable for?

Anyone struggling to get a solution for knee pain can utilize this feel good knees review to know more how the program can solve the issue. Both men and women can use it, especially those with more than 45 years of age.

Todd Kuslikis’ Feel Good Knees program is all you need if you are looking for ways to heal your knees naturally. There’s no doubt that this program is simple to use and quite time-efficient.

This program has a holistic tactic to pain by targeting the underlying thing that causes such pain. It is a program that also has easy to follow isometrics exercises. You don’t need specialized equipment to start using the Feel good knees program

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