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Hyperbolic Stretching Vs. Metabolic Stretching
Hyperbolic Stretching Vs. Metabolic Stretching – Who Wins?

The Metabolic Stretching Review

The metabolic stretching is a program created to teach people how to stretch their bodies to make them fitter, slimmer, and stronger by directly working on their metabolic activities. It includes techniques that aid in burning endogenous fats in the body while stretching it at the same time to make it more flexible. It relies heavily on the premise that when the metabolic activities are increased, it accelerates it fats-shedding process by engaging in certain specialized movements of the body parts.

Metabolic Stretching Review

The Metabolic Stretching program not only eliminates fats from your body but also increases your flexibility, preserves energy, and gives your body the perfect fit that you’ve always desired. Metabolic stretching is a program that anyone of any age can practice.

You can accomplish this by engaging in several motions that intensify the usage of calories and removing persistent fat that linger in the body for a long time. The regimen is grounded on the principle of dynamic and static stretching and movements that augment muscular performance.

The Hyperbolic Stretching Review

On the flip side, The Hyperbolic Stretching Program is a natural approach designed to help you stretch your body to increase your flexibility without interfering with your body’s metabolic activities. It will teach you several single stretching techniques that are vital in increasing the performance and energy of your body. With this olden stretching procedure, your body will become reinvigorated by these stretches that help you cross what you normally think is your body’s limits.

This is known as the term survival muscle flex. There is no need worrying when you cross your body’s limits because it has reached a sturdier performance competency of stretching via flexibility.

Hyperbolic Stretching Review

With this approach to stretching, your body becomes optimized to perform better. The program adheres to ancient stretching methods that have now been overlooked because of the influence of modernization.

Hyperbolic Stretching Vs. Metabolic Stretching: Which is Suitable for Who?

Hyperbolic stretching can be practiced by anyone at any age range, even when the person has joint pains or inflexible. Both men and women can practice it. It transforms the core strength of the participants to make them more flexible and active. The methods that the creator of this program designed aids muscles to turn into a flexible pipe by repositioning your pelvic floor and providing them with more energy and stability.

Hard exercises are not inclusive in this program. The stretches and procedures are easy to follow.

Just like the hyperbolic stretching scheme, the metabolic stretching scheme can be practiced by both the male and the female gender. The program is designed to be easy for participants to follow through, and there is no prerequisite for you to know to be able to practice the instructions communicated in the course.

Which of the Programs has Better Pricing?

The features of the hyperbolic stretching scheme are priced at $27, while that of the metabolic stretching program is priced at $29. So, it makes sense to say that the hyperbolic stretching program has better pricing than the metabolic stretching program even though they are both good programs. What could be more appealing?

hyperbolic stretching review

Regularly 199$, currently 27$

Regularly 79$, currently 29$

Which of the Two Stretching Programs Has Better Content?

Both of the stretching programs have great contents, and their individual creators strived to make sure that each communicates the objective for which it was meant. But when placed side-by-side and comparing with the individual values that they both offer, we can say that the hyperbolic stretching program has more quality content than the metabolic stretching program.

There are several video courses in the hyperbolic stretching program that teaches you how to be flexible and fit.

Also, there is a manual with easy-to-follow instructions that explain to you the importance of stretches and how you can go about them to get the best results. This manual outlines a simple set of creative exercises. You’ll be able to loosen your legs, hips, lower and upper back in a single session.

There is a hip test in the video course that teaches you what to do to open your hips. Also, the hyperbolic stretching program is somewhat specialized for both genders. There is a part of the program that is suited for men, and there is a part of it that is dedicated to the ladies. When the instructions contained in the program is religiously adhered to, both genders will see the program’s benefit over time. If you don’t put in the necessary efforts, your back pain may not go away as expected. So the choice of whether to dedicate your time or not is entirely up to you.

Which of the Program is More Effective?

The way the programs are designed in itself will provide the necessary clue for you to deduce which of them is more effective. While the metabolic stretching program has some great inclusions that are also very effective, the hyperbolic stretching scheme is a more detailed and effective program.

The contents in the hyperbolic stretching program are easy to follow, plus they do not include energy-demanding exercises that will leave you tired after doing them. After thirty days of sticking it out with the program, you’ll start seeing noticeable changes. When you go deeper into the program, then you’ll appreciate every bit of it.

The courses are explained in the simplest language that even a toddler can understand. They are also instructive and straight to the point.


The programs include some really good content that can yield results when you follow through them. Depending on the specific intention you had in mind when embarking on stretching, the metabolic stretching program and the hyperbolic stretching program will greatly benefit you. But when both programs are compared, the hyperbolic stretching program is superior to the metabolic stretching program because of the great values. This should help shape your opinion in opting for the best of the two anytime you so desire.

Our Hyperbolic Stretching Rating


our rating is based on the following factors:

  • Pricing 90% 90%
  • Eazy to follow 95% 95%
  • Effectiveness 90% 90%

Our Metabolic Stretching Rating


our rating is based on the following factors:

  • Pricing 90% 90%
  • Eazy to follow 85% 85%
  • Effectiveness 90% 90%

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