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my back pain coach review
My Back pain Coach Review: Is Ian Hart’s Program Legit?

 Back pain is an issue that you might experience in your lifetime. It can be the worst nightmare, especially if it keeps recurring since it’s incredibly painful.

You’re not only disturbed but can’t also concentrate on anything.  Studies reveal that physical exercises can have a positive impact on back pain issues. But not all exercises can help you cure your back pain.

With the many pain relief programs, you might get a little overwhelmed while trying to choose the right one. This article focuses on my back pain Coach review by Ian Harts.

Product Name

Product Author

Ian Hart



Money Back

60 days

By the end of it, you will know whether it’s worth your time and money. You will be able to stop focusing on physical activities that hurt your back more and deal with what works towards the healing of your back pain.

What is My Back pain Coach Program?

My Back pain Coach is an excellent program for dealing with back pain issues. Ian Hart is the founder of this program. He is a qualified coach in matters relating to back pain.

Having experienced back pain for 10 years, he understands how it feels to have back pain and what to do in your road to recovery. Hart works to not only help cure back pain but also to help people to be healthy and fit.

He started this program to help you control your back pain through unusual methods. Some of these methods include an eight movement and a 16-minute routine. Through this method, your upper and low back pain will go away after your body gets back its balance.

This training works for those who are bedridden and can relieve their back pain issues.

Does My Back pain Coach Program Work, or is it another Scam?

Have you ever heard about My Back Pain Coach, Scam? Some people who haven’t used the program believe that it might be a scam due to how fast many claim it works.

Of course, anyone can be tempted to imagine that. After all, how can a simple workout program relieve pain from your back as fast as this program promises? The truth is that the program is not a scam. It delivers what it promises.

Furthermore, this program has video testimonials of users who have used it before. Having a look at them assures you that some men and women have found Ian’s program useful.

my back pain coach scamm

screenshot from the official website

The best part of Ian’s training is that you don’t need to stress yourself on how you can work out with a painful back. Ian is a victim of back pain and knows how it feels to have it.

Therefore, he takes you through simple workouts that won’t strain your body and increase more pain.

His exercises are awesome and interesting because they don’t even feel like a workout. Ian performs each workout and tells you why they are important in helping you recover from back pain.

This program is not a scam because it uses natural ways to eliminate back pain. Another reason why this program is not a scam is that Ian promises a money-back guarantee should you not be satisfied with My Back Pain Coach Program.

About the founder (Ian Hart)

Ian Hart is a well-trained and qualified coach of his training company. He has many certifications and designations at the same time.

For example, he is Equinox 3 EFTI certified, has a certificate in Integrated Stretching Techniques, and also certified in “Strength and Conditioning”.

Being a jack of all trades, he runs his company in various locations in the USA. His fitness company has managed to grow rapidly due to its fast, safe, and effective way of doing things.

my back pain coach Ian Hart

With all these achievements in the fitness field, Hart has been featured on several publications like Men’s Health Website and Men’s Health Magazine. The New York 1 News has also featured him as an influential person in the health industry.

Moreover, Mike and Juliet Morning Show also interviewed Ian as their special guest. Ian is always learning new things and has enrolled in a Masters in Sports Science to expand his knowledge.

Through Ian’s program, many people have managed to control their back pain and shared their success stories. He shares knowledge in dealing with an issue he has struggled with before. Indeed, he is a true definition of a successful back pain mentor.

How to follow My Back pain Coach Program

You need to follow this program faithfully (and perform all of My back pain coach movements that are in the program) to get positive results. This program has some useful videos to give you a clear understanding of what you need to do.

Besides the useful videos, you will also get bonuses. These bonuses are the Piriformis and Sciatica.

If you have been working on an office job and developed back pain, this might be the best program. According to Hart, the sciatic nerve is the biggest in your body. Thus, you should never allow it to be contorted or controlled, or it may lead to intense pain.

According to Hart, your sitting position can be a silent killer since too much of it can damage your back and neck.


When you come across this program, you will notice Ian Hart’s promises that this is a unique method that can relieve your back pain in just 16 minutes. Even though this might not be the best thing for everyone suffering from back pain, many people work very fast.

my back pain movements

You might not get relief from your back pain immediately, but you will later realize that the movements in this program were very effective in curing the pain. Besides managing back pain, the exercises in this program can help you avoid other issues with your body.

This is because they are also meant to keep you fit and healthy. In My back pain coach review, you will find more information on how to use the program.

Delivery style

Ian hart is indeed a skilled coach due to his method of delivery. He has an amazing way of emphasis while he teaches you how to do certain movements.

In his teaching method, he shows you how to do stuff and goes ahead to perform every type of movement in front of you. This makes it easy for you to understand what he is talking about.

Hart has also included a diagram in this back pain training program. The practices in this program are easy to follow, and you don’t need to put in too much effort. This course is excellent as you can perform it from any place besides your home.

About the videos in the program

Videos are very important as they help you practically do what’s expected. Hart has incorporated some interesting videos in his program, from the introduction to the course itself, which makes following this program to be more interesting.

You need to follow the series of my back pain coach videos videos Hart has created to get the best results. The quality of his video content is high, which makes it easy to follow them. In his videos, Hart explains various concepts of his program and the exercises needed for this program.

Here’s what Hart covers in his videos.

  • There are ten coaching sessions where Ian points out various solutions to back pain issues. For example, there’s “8 Dangerous Mistakes that Makes your Back pain Worse”, “How to increase your Back’s Flexibility and Mobility.”
  • He also includes three levels in his program, whereby each level goes up to 30 minutes.
  • There’s also “the Bonus Begin Your Day Program.” This is a full-body repetitive exercise that will help you eliminate pain in other areas beyond your hips and back. Such areas include your ankles, shoulders, and neck.

When you go through the videos, you will realize that Ian explains his concepts simply, which makes it easy to understand the content.

If you chose to read the text manual alone, it would be much harder to learn the exercises. Ian’s videos are, therefore, very important in this coaching program.

These videos help you relieve your back pain using natural methods. All you need is following the exercises that he demonstrates in the videos. The videos have ten coaching sessions, where Hart points out various situations.

In this video, Ian also points out the best time to start the exercises. For example, he has designed an exercise that you need to do when the day starts.

Pros and cons of My Back Pain Coach program

This program is helpful and has several positive effects on your health. Like any normal program, it has a few drawbacks, which we are going to point out later.

Easy exercises

One of the reasons people love this program is that the exercises are easy, even if you are in intense pain. Exercises such as weight-lifting, cycling, and running cannot stress your body.

These are simple workouts that you can easily do without feeling like you are working out. This boosts your mood and encourages you to proceed.

At the end of the exercises, you will realize that your back is getting stronger, leading you to a quick recovery.

Money-back guarantee

Hart has offered a 60-day money-back guarantee for anyone who might not be happy with the program. He also allows you to keep the program as a way of appreciating your efforts to buy it. This is a great policy and shows how he is committed to making sure that you don’t feel ripped off.

Awesome customer reviews

You can get to read about what other users say about this program after using it to treat back pain. This website has many honest customer testimonials, and you can read to know more about it.


Hart’s charges pocket-friendly rates. At only $67, you can get my Back Pain Coaching Program.

There's no text instruction

Unfortunately, Ian has not provided any text instruction on what to do aside from the videos. While videos are helpful, not everyone would be happy to watch them.

He would have provided text instructions in PDF form and even physical books, if possible.

It is in eBook format

You might be forced to watch the videos through a device like a tablet, laptop, or smartphone. The issue is that you can have trouble hooking it up to your TV.

8 Specific movements in this program

My Back Pain coach program has eight main movements that you need to do, as explained in the videos. Below are some of the movements

  • Activating all imbalanced muscles: The first step in this movement is activating all imbalanced muscles because they are the reason behind the back pain.
  • Activating hip muscles. You need to activate the inactive hip muscles while on this step. This helps to make all imbalanced muscles of your back active.
  • Improving your flow of blood: This helps you have a better movement on your back
  • Curing your lower back pain: This is the fourth movement, which resembles the third one. To get better results, you need to increase blood flow in the lower back.
  • Decompressing the lower back muscles: This movement decreases pressure in the lower back muscles
  • Restoring the alignment. Poor alignment makes your back pain muscles painful. This step helps you restore it to its position
  • Pulling the spine back to hips then to a natural position. At this stage, you get to know that the muscles surrounding the spine, back, and hips are beginning to return to their initial position.
  • Restoring your spine discs blood flow. This is the last step of the program. It’s a bit challenging but very rewarding. It provides enough flow of blood in the spinal discs, which makes you recover fully.


my back pain coach PDF

The price of the My Back Pain Coach Program is 67$ and they offer a 60-day money-back guaranteed

Wrapping it up

From My Back pain Coach Review, there’s no doubt that this is the best program out of many to help you deal with back pain issues. The series of videos Hart offers are useful in helping you understand the importance of every physical activity.

You need to follow each step explained in the video and be consistent to get positive results. With this training, anyone with back pain issues can utilize it regardless of age.

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  • Eazy to follow 90% 90%
  • Effectiveness 90% 90%

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