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Alpha Home Workout System Review
The Alpha Home Workout System Review

Are you struggling to build your muscles, and everything doesn’t seem to work? It’s the dream of every man to get a muscular physique like that of an Alpha Man.

However, with the many workout programs and nutrition recommendations, you might feel a little overwhelmed with what to choose. Going to the gym may also not be an option unless you create your gym at home.

You don’t need to worry because this alpha home workout system review offers you information on how you can achieve your dream body!. We will have a look at what it is and how it can help you achieve your desired body goals.

Let’s find out.

Product Author

Todd Lamb



Money Back

60 days

What is the Alpha Workout about?

“What is the alpha home workout system about”, is a question that many users struggle to find answers.

This is a revolutionary system founded by Todd Lamb. He created it intending to help people discover amazing home bodyweight workouts. Such workouts would give them the best muscular body without visiting the gym.

Todd created this program to help men transform their bodies faster and in a very accessible way. Through the alpha home workout system Todd Lamb, men can build a rock ripped Alpha body using specific workouts.

Real-life special operators use the alpha workout system to eliminate fats from their body and develop rock-solid muscles. They achieve this by using cutting edge methods that don’t need the use of any special equipment.

what is the alpha home workout system

In this article, we will show you how you will benefit from it.

In a nutshell, this workout is about giving you crucial secrets to help you maintain a perfect shape and stay healthy. This is a program that helps you get more muscular like the Alpha Man.

How does it work?

The Alpha home workout program is an ideal tactical fitness system that works on the methods based on the “Alpha shape Effect.”

It uses special technology, where it ensures that the fluid level of your muscle cells increases. This is called sarcoplasmic hypertrophy. This results in a fabulous puffy figure and a stronger body. Through the Alpha Shape effect, the strength and size of your muscle fibers increases.

The Alpha program has “Three Mission Target Focused Muscle.” Let’s find out the missions below.

Alpha Mission

The alpha mission has the foundation of your ripped alpha figure. This mission builds your stamina and work capacity to help you see a lean and vascular form of your body. However, you can increase chances in the next phases, as discussed on this alpha home system workout program.

Bravo mission

This is a mission about shaping denser muscular and uncovering more of your six-pack. During this mission, the target is building a defined mass to create refined changes in your body.

Charlie mission

Finally, this program also shows you a mission that gives you work-out and nutrition knowledge to help you get this desired physique. With complete training at this stage, you can get your desired body.

This program helps you spend few hours daily in your home to develop strong shoulders and arms.

The excellent training that it comes with helps you boost your male sex hormones that have been proven by science to repair damaged muscles, signal growth, and improve your immune system.

Pros and cons

Just like any other fitness program, the alpha home workout system review reveals its pros and cons. Let’s have a look at them.

You don't need any special equipment to use this program

This is something that most users love about it since they are free to do the exercises anywhere. It can be in the office, home or at the park. This makes it cheap and convenient for anyone who needs it.

Enhances fast development of rock-hard muscles

This is a different bodybuilding program that uses myofibrillar hypertrophy way of building muscles. Its focus is on increasing the muscle fibers’ power and size to avoid creating puffy and weak muscles.

It helps you get the Alpha Male body you desire

Most men join this program to achieve this kind of body. Todd Lamb explains that you must have this figure in mind, and it will help you achieve it in real life.

Too much dieting isn't a requirement

As mentioned earlier, you don’t need to leave eating all the foods that you love to achieve your goals. You can eat anything so long as it is in your Macronutrient profile.

No need to be super fit

In the alpha home workout systemyou also learn that you don’t need to be at a specific fitness level. This program suits anyone out there regardless of how much they weigh. Even those recovering from injuries can still use this program without getting hurt.

Fully guaranteed

This workout guarantees you quick results if you follow every step consistently. You can eliminate excess body fats within 60 days and develop rock-hard muscles.

As mentioned earlier, this alpha home system workout also has some negative sides just like any other program.

Below are some of them:

It's not for the weak.

This means that you must have the endurance and motivation to keep doing the intense workout. You must be consistent in doing this intense workout to get results.

The videos have no motivational music


The price of “The Alpha Home Workout System” is 97$ but they currently have a discount so the price is just 37$!

About the founder (Todd Lamb)

Todd Lamb is the founder of this program. As a SWAT team leader and an exceptional fitness coach, Todd has built an impressive resume.

He developed this system after looking around on what society has become and didn’t like what he saw.

Todd cited some studies showing that some environmental toxins have an impact on the male hormone levels.

These toxins, therefore, introduce female hormones like estrogen in males systems. Todd, therefore, came up with this system to the dominant alpha male status.

What is included in the program?

When you get the alpha home workout system PDF, you will find the following things about this program.

  • Guidelines on the “Target Focused Muscle.” This is a bodyweight method that helps you get ripped muscles quickly.
  • A seven-day program that you can follow consistently to get the alpha male figure throughout the year.
  • A detailed video coaching that will help you perform each workout safely and effectively
  • Reasons why you shouldn’t deny yourself foods and beverages that you love
  • 2 Shifting and mindset methods will help you program your mind so that you can reason like an alpha man and feel the same way too
  • “Macronutrient program” that will aid you to eat proper meals during your workout program
  • The alpha home workout  system you will get the workout methods that will help you speed your fat loss journey and increase the production of the growth hormone.


From this alpha home system workout review, it’s evident that this is strictly a workout program for men. It’s simple and convenient since you can follow it from any place. You don’t need any special equipment to follow this program.

Consistency and having a positive mindset is all you need. In other words, the Alpha workout system by Todd Lamb is for you if you are looking for a quick way of getting a muscular body.

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  • Eazy to execute 80% 80%
  • Effectiveness 85% 85%

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