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Unlock Your Glutes Review
Unlock Your Glutes Review: Does it work or is it a scam?

Sometimes working on your glutes is all you need to achieve a perfect lean body and a nice butt. The only problem is that it’s not easy.

It’s not something that you can achieve overnight.

With many fitness programs on the internet, you might experience information overload and wonder, which is the best approach to working on your glutes.

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Brian Klepacki



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Brian Klepacki created the Unlock your glutes program to help athletes and everyone else struggling to work on their glutes.

In this Unlock your glutes review, we will show you what this program is about and how it works.

Why should you even train your glutes? Not just to look good:

Your gluteus Maximus is a powerful muscle in your body. It is your glutes that offers a lot of power during your back and lower body movement. However, most people don’t utilize these muscles due to too much sitting in the office.

The problem with prolonged sitting is that it prevents the activity of your gluteal muscles. The result of this is something called gluteal amnesia or dead butt syndrome.

Too much sitting squashes your glutes and constricts the flow of blood. This makes the muscles dormant. Other muscles keep on working usually, and this causes muscle imbalances.

To avoid these kinds of imbalances in your muscles, you need to work on your glutes.

What does Unlock your Glutes program entail?

Unlock your glutes is a program that Brian Klepacki developed and targets the Minimus, Medius, and Maximus muscles. This program lasts for four weeks for men and women who would love to sculpt their bodies and get back to the desired shape.

 In this exercise, Brian introduces isolation movements that make your glutes move in all directions, rotational, vertical, and horizontal. 

These exercises are quite different than the usual traditional exercises relating to glutes like deadlifts, squats, and lunges.

Through rotating and twisting, the movements in this program fully challenge the glutes. Brian created this program to solve the problem that athletes experience.

Sometimes athletes might have poor glutes power even after striving hard to have better glutes development.

For the best athletic performance, glutes are crucial as they make it possible for athletes to move their legs in all the three plane motions. This mirrors the work of deltoids for their arms and in cooperation with their hip flexors.

Brian has included 36 videos in this program that need 15 minutes and needs to be done two times a week. It also comes with a manual in the unlock your glutes pdf, where you will learn myths and misconceptions related to building your glutes.

Brian came up with this course, with 36 workouts, after conducting in-depth research. The best thing about the Unlock, Your Glutes program, is that it is not gender-specific. 

Both women and men can use it, whether young or old. Whether you are a beginner or not, you can benefit from using it without experiencing any adverse effects. 

You only need to be cautious before using the unlock your glutes exercises. If you have a history of a past knee injury, get advice from your physician before using this program. Otherwise, you may hurt your knee when you embark on this program blindly.

What is included in this program?

Unlock your glutes training is a program that you can find by downloading on their official website. With this program, you can find the following content.

1. Unlock you glutes manual

This is a PDF document that contains written information about this program. In the unlock your glutes pdf, you will find a set of pictures of the workouts and workout charts.

2. Unlock your glutes coaching videos

Here is yet another crucial section of this program that you need to understand each step better. You will find 36 videos with 36 exercises, where Brian demonstrates how to do each workout.

Bonuses accompanying this program

14 day Fat Loss plan

This is a diet plan that is effective for a short time. You need to switch to a more sustainable plan later on. In this plan, you will learn some useful tips on meals and nutrients you need to start your fat loss process.

Strong leg Workouts

This bonus involves a wide leg work out that you can use together with the main glutes program. These exercises are created to avoid overlapping with glutes exercises. 

A Breakdown of the chapters

This program has several chapters. Let’s have a look at what each chapter entails.

Chapter 1: Meet Your Glutes

This is an introduction of glutes muscles. It points out what they are and why they are crucial.

Chapter 2: Anatomy and Biomechanics of the Glutes

 This is a short course that explains the anatomy of your glutes muscles. It helps you to understand them better.

Chapter 3: The Sleeping Giant

This contains some exercises that will help you keep your glutes fiber muscles on fire.

Chapter 4: A Healthy Front = A Healthier Back

In this chapter, Brian informs you of the importance of healthy glutes in treating back pain and making it easier to do daily movements.

Chapter 5: Health Benefits of Stronger Glutes

In this area, you will get some health risks associated with lagging glutes. You will also learn how you can benefit from stronger glutes and get the zeal to have them.

Chapter 6: The Posterior powerhouse

Brian explains the amount of power that the glutes are responsible for Gymnasts, Sprinters, and Sprinters. You’ll find out that all of them rely on their butt’s power.

Chapter 7: Building a Stronger, Bigger Body

This part outlines the most crucial workouts needed to attain a bigger, toned, and healthier body.

Chapter 8: Burn fat and Sculpt a Rounder Body

Chapter eight explains why your body doesn’t need sagging fat if it has to be attractive. Therefore, it explains how some resistant training and cardio workouts can help you eliminate some fat from that area.

Chapter 9: The Scientific solution

What’s the science behind your butt training? Find out more in this chapter together with scientific citations.

Chapter 10: Program Overview and Parameters

This section points out everything that goes on in the workouts. It explains more about diet, warm-up sessions, timing, and many other things to help you get your desired body. To help you stay on track, this section has a finisher workout sheet.

Chapter 11: Final thoughts about the system

This is the final wrap up of the program where Brian gives out his opinion about the whole program

Chapter 12: Work out charts

You will get a set of workout charts having the workouts that you need to do.

Chapter 13: This is the final section where Brian has put the library of workouts where you can quickly refer.

Pros and Cons of Unlock your Glutes Training

Unlock Your Glutes program has several benefits and a few drawbacks as well. Here are some merits and demerits you must know about this training.

Saves time

Some workouts may require a good amount of time investment, and that might not be your thing. However, Brian’s program has simple workouts that take as little as 15-minutes. 

This helps you to supplement them with other workouts that are time-consuming. You need to do this 15-minute workout only twice a week. 

If you have a tight schedule, yet you want to see some changes in your body, especially your butt, this is an excellent workout.

Awesome instruction videos

Brian is a skilled coach because he creates videos and organizes them nicely to make everything easy.

 Even though those are common exercises that you would have found out how to do them alone, he saves your time by giving you everything you need. 

The videos are brief, clear, and consistent. Watching them feels like you are at the gym with a personal trainer showing you what to do.

Brian understands what’s going on

After going through this training, you will notice that Brian is a detailed instructor who is also scientific. While he may sound a little technical, his method of coaching is simple.

Functional and aesthetic benefits

There’s no doubt that most people buy this program to get a rounder and firm butt. Brian has designed this training to help you achieve that, among other physical benefits.


You may think that Brian’s program is quite expensive after finding out what you can achieve from it. However, that’s not the case. You don’t need to break the bank to afford this program.

For only $15.99, you can get it and be assured of a 60-day money-back guarantee should you not be happy with it. This is very affordable compared to the programs existing in the fitness industry. 

Remember, there are other programs in the market but may not be detailed as this one.

This program has a few drawbacks that you must know before purchasing it:

A bit complicated

As mentioned earlier, Brian may sound a little technical. He mentions some scientific details that may sound quite complicated. Brian did this while trying to create awareness about your glutes.

Many varying exercises

While these exercises take a few minutes, having a bunch of 36 exercises may be too much.

Who is Brian Klepacki?

If you have been wondering if you can trust Brian Klepacki, here’s what you need to know about him:

  • Klepacki is an experienced and well known professional fitness trainer. With over 16 years of experience in coaching and training, he has managed to help others develop lean muscles successfully. 

  • Brian has an MA Degree in Exercise Science, which he attained at Florida Atlantic University. He got his Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science and Kinesiology at Barry University.
  • Brian is also a successful blogger of the Critical Bench site, which is now an authority website. It’s a site that deals with strength and health. The best thing about his training is that it is backed by science. You can find more about this on his site.

3 fundamental training principles that this program follows

This program involves training your glutes following the training principles discussed below.

Glutes Specific training

Your glutes have three motion planes, which are the horizontal, vertical, and the rotational. You need to exercise motion on all areas of your glutes to strengthen them fully.

If you rely on workouts like lunges or squats, your glutes will be active on a vertical plane alone since there was no twisting or side to side movements.

Physical activities like squats and lunges only activate them in a vertical plane. There are no side-to-side or twisting movements.

Waking up your glutes

Your glutes are among the biggest body muscles, but you might end up with muscle imbalances due to too much sitting. This shows that they are not used properly. 

It’s, therefore, crucial to stretch out your tight hip flexors that oppose your glutes. After the release of your hip flexors, start creating a strong connection between your butt and brain. 

This is scientifically referred to as ‘neuromuscular activation.’ It is a process whereby your brain uses glutes muscles during different movements.

15 Minute workout twice a week

This is a program that was not created to be a total full-body workout. It’s, therefore, a program that targets your butt and hip area.

 It’s, therefore, crucial to use 15 minutes weekly doing the workouts. With this program, it’s easy to supplement a different workout routine you had.


Unlock Your Glutes PDF

The price of the Unlock Your Glutes program is just 17$

Final Thoughts From Unlock Your Glutes Review

It is clear that the unlock your glutes program shows how much this training is essential not only for athletes but also for those who spend so much time sitting.

Besides helping you have a beautiful butt, you will work on your glutes and make them active. This program is the best for those who aren’t pleased with their butt’s shape. 

It fixes your butt appearance and also solves some of your postural issues. If you don’t have so many complaints about your butt, this program might not be the best for you.

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